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"Mary Poppins" News Items



At the 37th Annual CONDA Awards on Saturday, 28 November our production of "Mary Poppins" won the CONDA for Best Musical.  This is the fourth year in a row that the company has won the Best Musical category.  It is a huge tribute to the hard work, professionalism and dedication of our production team, committee and various casts to have maintained such a consistent level of quality. 

"Mary Poppins" won Awards in 5 categories on the night which was a wonderful achievement for everyone involved in the show.  The CONDAs were for: 

  • Best Musical Production
  • Excellence by a Director (Musical) - Julie Black
  • Excellence in Hair, Make-up & Wigs - George Francis & Valmai Drury
  • Excellence by a Male Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical - Daniel Stoddart
  • Excellence by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role - Rachelle Schmidt Adnum 
The CONDA Awards were held at Wests for the second year in a row and it was a wonderful and exciting night.  It was a great opportunity for the local theatre community to come together and celebrate everyone's achievements throughout the year.  The special guest for the evening was Stuart Hendricks from Hal Leonard who presented the 2 awards for male and female actors under the age of 18.


The nominations for the 2015 CONDA Awards were announced on Tuesday, 17 November.  Our production of "Mary Poppins" received 13 nominations which was more than any other production.  This is a huge recognition for everybody associated with the show and is a testament to their dedication and the high quality of their work.  The nominations are:

  • Best Musical Production
  • Best Ensemble Acting
  • Excellence by a male actor in a leading role in a musical - Daniel Stoddart
  • Excellence by a female actor in a leading role in a musical - Alana Silcock
  • Excellence by a male actor in a supporting role - Drew Holmes
  • Excellence by a female actor in a supporting role - Rachelle Schmidt-Adnum
  • Excellence by a Director (musical) - Julie Black
  • Excellence by a Musical Director - Greg Paterson
  • Excellence by a Choreographer - Kirby-Leigh Coker & James Tolhurst
  • Excellence in Costume Design - Bev Fewins & Steven Harrison
  • Excellence in Hair, Make-up & Wigs - George Francis & Valmai Drury
  • Excellence in Set & Props Design - Graeme Black & Donna Nipperess
  • Excellence in Lighting & Audio Visual Design - Jacob Harwood.
Congratulations to everyone.  The winners will be announced at Wests on Saturday, 28 November.


Our wonderful season of "Mary Poppins"ended on Saturday, 15 August with the audience giving the performance a huge standing ovation.  This has now been the most successful show for the Company with ticket sales over 8500.  Thank you to the Newcastle audiences who supported the show.  Everyone associated with the show should feel very proud of this amazing achievement.




The production is receiving wonderful public and critical acclaim.  Ken Longworth's review in the Herald on Monday, 10 August said 'this production of Mary Poppins, to quote the title of one of its many colourful and lively songs, is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious'.  Ken went on to say 'director Julie Black and the large cast and production team make the tale engaging from the opening moments'.  Everyone in the cast and production team was mentioned and 'the ensemble work is stunning'.  A huge congratulations to everyone involved on this great achievement.
There are only 4 performances left (the matinee is virtually sold out) and it is vital to ring Ticketek on 49291977 to get tickets.




"Mary Poppins" opened at the Civic Theatre on Wednesday, 5 August.  This was a grand charity performance and the audience loved it.  Tickets are selling very fast and it has now become the most popular show that Metropolitan Players has produced.



The banner has now gone up outside the Civic Theatre prior to the production moving into the theatre at the end of July.  Ticket sales are going fast.  Click here for details of performances, ticket prices and how to book.


The advertising campaign for "Mary Poppins" is now well underway.  The billboard has been installed at Broadmeadow and the TV ads are running.  The next items will be the banner outside the Civic Theatre, bus advertising and advertising (both print and electronic) in the Herald.


The first rehearsal for our  production of "Mary Poppins" was held on Tuesday, 31st March.  The cast and production team had the chance to meet one another and we read through the show while watching the scene changes with the model of the set.  We have a wonderful cast of 47 talented people including the following lead roles:

  • Mary Poppins - Alana Silcock
  • Bert - Daniel Stoddart
  • George Banks - Andrew Black
  • Winifred Banks - Ann Hartsuyker-Accardi
  • Jane Banks - Amelia Accardi/Molly Sorensen
  • Michael Banks - Levi Stoddart/Tim Davies
  • Mrs Brill - Annie Devine
  • Robertson Ay - Drew Holmes
  • Miss Andrews - Rachelle Schmidt
  • Bird Woman - Michelle Burnitt

Newcastle's Civic Theatre launched their annual Subscription Season for 2015 at the theatre on Thursday, 4 December.  The season has a mixture of travelling productions from around the country as well as some local productions, including  "Mary Poppins".  Metropolitan Players' production of "Mary Poppins" will be at the Civic Theatre from August 5 to August 15, 2015.  We were fortunate to give the audience at the launch a small musical taster from the show.  Our "Mary" (Alana Silcock) and "Bert" (Daniel Stoddart) performed a part of "Jolly Holiday" which delighted the audience.



Following an extensive audition process, we have now cast the roles of Mary and Bert for our production of "Mary Poppins" in 2015.  We are delighted to announce that the role of Mary Poppins will be played by Alana Silcock and the role of Bert will be played by Daniel Stoddart.  Congratulations to both these people and also to the wonderfully talented people who made it to the call-backs.


Auditions for the rest of the cast of "Mary Poppins" will be held at Broadmeadow Uniting Church Hall in Broadmeadow Road on the following dates for all adult cast:

* Fri 7 November Dance Auditions:  6.30-8.30pm everyone; 8.30pm-10pm tappers only
* Fri 14 November Singing/Acting Auditions: 7-10pm
* Sat 15 November Singing/Acting Auditions: 10am-5pm
* Sun 16 November Singing/Acting Auditions: 10am-1pm
All roles are available except Bert and Mary.  People auditioning for the adult cast must be at least 16 years old.

Auditions for the 2 children's roles of Jane & Michael Banks will be held on the following date:
* Sun 9 November: 9am-1pm
Children auditioning for these roles must be primary school age and be 7-12years old when the show is staged in August 2015.



In 2015, Metropolitan Players are very excited to announce that we will be presenting "Mary Poppins" at the Civic Theatre from 5th - 15th August.  Only 2 theatre companies in NSW have been granted the performing rights for 2105 - the other is in Sydney. 
We will be holding auditions for the roles of Mary and Bert only on Saturday 20th September from 10am-5pm.  The auditions will be held at Broadmeadow Uniting Church Hall in Broadmeadow Road.  It is essential that you ring on 49485568 to book an audition spot.  Auditions for the rest of the cast will be held in November and we will post details of these later.



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