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The 39 STEPS

Staged: March 4th - 14th  2020

Civic Playhouse Newcastle 

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One of the last shows to be staged in Australia before the COVID 19 pandemic hit, The 39 Steps, a Comedy, Adapted by Patrick Barlow, from the novel by John Buchan and the movie of Alfred Hitchcock. 4 Actors take on the mammoth task of portraying over 150 characters in 2 acts. An entire heist movie on stage complete with murders, shootings, train chases, plane crashes, trilbied heavies in fast cars, villains with little fingers missing, drama, spoof, satire and a train ride you'll never forget. But in amongst the whirlwind of action is a love story between a man & a woman who have never loved anyone,  who - through all the adventure & hanging from bridges & clinging to trains & escaping from villains - discover the beating of their own true hearts. 

Production Team:

Director - Julie Black

Assitant Director - Nicolette Black 

Stage Manager - Graeme Black -

Costume Design - Bev Fewins

Set Design - Graeme Black

Props Design - Jennifer Halliburton

Lighting Design - Jacob Harwood


Richard Hannay - Carl Gregory

Female - Nicolette Black

Clown 1 - Phil McGrath

Clown 2 - Dez Robertson 

CONDA Awards:

Excellence by a Performer in a Leading Role in a Play – Comedy (Carl Greggory)

Excellence by a Performer in a Supporting Role in a Play (Phil McGrath)

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