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Famous Faces

Professionals who were once in our shows 

Jye Frasca - West End & Broadway 

David Harris - Professional Theatre, Australia & America 

Tyran Parke - Professional Theatre, Australia and Internationally 

Melinda Smith - Australian Television (NBN) 

Grant Turner - Broadway 

Paul Lobb - Australian Television (NBN

Andrew Shaw - American Television (Ellen & Nickelodeon)

Anne Rzechowicz  - Australian Television 

Dez Robertson - Australian Television 

Seth Drury - Professional Theatre, Australia 

Mitchell Capone  - Australian Entertainment Professional  

Daniel Wilton - Australian Entertainment Professional  

Andrew Benson - Professional Theatre & Television, Australia 

Chris Maxfield  - Professional Theatre & Television, Australia 

Scott Allen  - Professional Theatre, Australia (Lighting Design) 

Nigel Turner-Carroll - Professional Theatre, Australia

Adam Lindberg - Professional Theatre, Australia

Darren Disney - Professional Theatre, Australia (Tap Dogs)

Patrick Whitbread - Professional Theatre, Australia

Kelsie Boyden - Professional Theatre, Australia

Costa Nicholas - Professional Theatre, Australia & America 

Scott Everleigh  - Professional Theatre, Australia

Tom Handley - Professional Theatre, Australia

Nicholas Thoroughgood - Professional Theatre, Australia

Alana Tranter  - Professional Theatre, Australia

Michelle Davidson - Professional Theatre & Television, Australia (Play School)

Linda Barclan  - Professional Theatre, Australia - Tutor WAAPA

Belinda Delaney  - Australian Television 

Andrew Johnston  -  Professional Theatre, Australia

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