Life can be a grind and we understand that sometimes everyone need a way to escape. We fell in love with entertaining audiences in 1977 and have been enthralled by producing quality theatre that makes people laugh, cry and escape reality ever since. We also understand that having a love for the arts can be a costly venture, and so we are committed to producing shows at an outstanding quality, that are affordable and accessible for all. 


Metropolitan Players is run by a committee, members are selected at out AGM at the start of each calendar year. Our committee members decide on what shows we are looking at, where we shall be performing and various other decisions. Each of our shows have a directorial creative team, a production and design  team as well as a marketing team who collectively work together to make the show happen. If you are interested in either becoming a member of our committee,  one of our teams or becoming a cast  member,  do not hesitate to contact us directly. Life Membership is an honour bestowed upon individuals who have shown extreme dedication and service to Metropolitan Players over the years. We also have two other awards which are given to cast/crew members after each of our shows one is the encouragement award given to the cast member who shows incredible promise, the other is *** which is given to a company member who has gone over and above the call of duty. 


Performing arts is a fantastic way to escape reality and either be a create or watch something truly beautiful. Studies have shown that performing arts has a fantastic affect on ones body, whether it be performing, behind the scenes or as an audience member. It can release stress,  as you are able to loose yourself for a couple of hours and imagine a reality aside of yourself. 


People who are now famous 


Our committee is selected yearly at our Annual General Meeting. Click below to see our current members. if you are interested in joining the committee and have a say in the movements of Metropolitan Players in the future, the dates for our AGM will be posted on the Auditions and Events Page of the website and our Social Media. 

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