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The woman in black

Staged: March 18th - 27th  2021

Civic Playhouse Newcastle 

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“The Woman In Black” has been phenomenally successful, both as a novel and as a play. Susan Hill’s book has been translated into several languages, while Stephen Mallatratt's stage adaptation has been playing continuously in London’s West End for a remarkable 30 years. It is the second longest running play on the West End after Agatha Christie’s “The Mousetrap”.

The play tells the story of Arthur Kipps, a haunted man, who has hired a young actor to help tell his story to his family and friends of his short time at Eel Marsh House on England’s bleak East Coast. As a junior solicitor Kipps had been sent by his firm’s senior partner to travel up from London to attend the funeral of Mrs Alice Drablow and then sort out all her papers.  While there he experienced a haunting so terrifying that it affected him so badly that he needs to finally tell his story.

“The Woman In Black” treads in the footsteps of the classic ghost story, following the tradition of Charles Dickens and Henry James. It relies on atmosphere, a vivid sense of place, on hints and glimpses and suggestions, on what is shadowy, heard and sometimes only half-seen. Part of the fear that Susan Hill conjures up is a sense that these events could happen to anyone.

Production Team:

Director - Julie Black

Assitant Director - Nicolette Black 

Stage Manager - Graeme Black -

Costume Design - Bev Fewins

Set Design - Graeme Black

Props Design - Jennifer Halliburton

Makeup Design - Jennifer Halliburton

Lighting Design - Jacob Harwood


Arthur Kipps - Patrick Campbell

The Actor - Andrew Black

The Woman - Jennifer Halliburton

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